Soho Central staunton st 23 Awtar

A New Mediterranean cuisine restaurant “Awtar” SOHO (SoHo)
In the gourmet epicenter of Hong Kong, it’s since long have been time for a Mediterranean restaurant and now “Awtar” is here – new opened in SOHO. Influenced from the cuisine of Greece, plenty of prime Turkey, Lebanon, and the taste of each Southern European city In the same store that crowded, you will spend time sophisticated adults in luxury.

Mediterranean cuisine, of course, is the same store original cocktails, and water tobacco that is popular in the Middle East enjoy, it is gaining popularity among gourmet fans since its opening, want to taste the extraordinary feeling.

The Turkish chef Mr. Yanar Erhan has really make sure that the original taste of food commitment pulled that draw to the limit only those tasteful while simple. Not too heavy, and securely balanced so that each ingredients flavor is felt, it will taste feel like have traveled the Mediterranean like if taste bite.EAT mediterean food In escape from busy everyday, in and try to spend the graceful moments enchanting Mediterranean restaurant anyone?

Mr. David Bohan served supervision. Especially recommended Nanoha Among the “Ozu Bar” and 14 types of his maker that was honed in the famous bar, such as “Djiboutii” of Awtar dedicated original cocktail, the “Martell VSOP” of brandy, apricot, grapefruit, lemon, and vanilla form Additionally, it was superb fusion of sweet and sour “Rakija”. If you want to enjoy the bitter almond, mellow marriage is tasty coffee “Almond Coffee Martini” to please. “Jasmine” is recommended for those who want to enjoy the refreshing and the taste. Jasmine tea vodka-based, elderflower and has added the lemon juice, it’s perfect for a cup of lovely night of adult women.notable new
If you want thinking of the city of eternal Persian, water tobacco (shisha) mast order. Heat the leaves of dedicated perfumed has been tobacco, style suck the smoke through a glass bottle of tube Common Practice of adult to spend luxurious moments. Apples In Awtar, coconut, lemon mint, etc. it is possible to choose a selection of flavor from cappuccino, you might be able to find his favorite. Let Yoishireyo exotic aroma of taste on the terrace seat.

23 Staunton St., Soho, Central
Telephone: (852) 2530-5900

A chick pea hummus.
 with almond in from the little store near Tianaming square-
Leading Hong Kong mythologist stated that this was an highly original cocktail.



Carefully served into Mediterranean supervision of taste


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